Helping you accelerate growth with freedom to innovate
Capital Investment Partners is a global investment management firm with innovative financial solutions. We invest in pioneering entrepreneurs and companies with high-growth potential.
We invest in people with unique innovations capacity. People who start, grow, change and buy businesses. We deliver significant value to the people we work with through our knowledge, experience and unique global network.
We are driven by our strong sense of values and we form close partnerships with the entrepreneurs and companies we work with. Partnership rooted in mutual trust and mutual respect. A solid foundation for a successful long-standing coorperation.

We believe we can build a better future by investing new groundbreaking technologies that can change the way we live, produce food, how we effect the environment and create stabile economy with the highest level of autonomous. We promote the concept free accessibility.

We can build, grow, and accelerate these companies in a unique way — in part because of our own experiences as founders and entrepreneurs, and in part because we can leverage our network to help companies succeed.

We invest for financial return. We believe it's the best measure of how well we're investing our capital, and how well we're serving our entrepreneurs.
Seeking Capital
Great companies begin with a clear idea. If you are looking for funding for your business to turn your idea into a successful venture, please submit an executive summary of your business
plan in power point presentation format to email:

Please include the following information:
Introduction to the team
Overview of the market opportunity
Description of how your product/ service/ business differentiate from potential competitors
Your winning value proposition, financials (past and forecast) and your investment needs

Capital Investment Partners
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